Esquimalt is an exciting, vibrant place to live offering an active lifestyle for getting out and about. Businesses are making significant investments towards a more liveable and revitalized Esquimalt. Developments are underway nearby that include retail, residential and office spaces, a new library, an education facility and open spaces for the public. Corvette Landing is the pinnacle of the new Esquimalt.

North East Corner looking West

NEC-1st Floor

NEC-2nd Floor

NEC-3rd Floor

NEC-4th Floor

NEC-5th Floor

NEC-6th Floor

NEC-7th Floor

NEC-8th Floor

NEC-9th Floor

NEC-10th Floor

NEC-11th Floor

NEC-12th Floor

South East Corner looking West

SEC-4th Floor

SEC-5th Floor

SEC-6th Floor

SEC-7th Floor

SEC-8th Floor

SEC-9th Floor

SEC-10th Floor

SEC-11th Floor

SEC-12th Floor

South West Corner looking West

SWC-2nd Floor

SWC-3rd Floor

SWC-4th Floor

SWC-5th Floor

SWC-6th Floor

SWC-7th Floor

SWC-8th Floor

SWC-9th Floor

SWC-10th Floor

SWC-11th Floor

SWC-12th Floor