What is a Passive House?

What is Passive House?

Passive House (or Passive Haus) is a rigorous design standard with comfort, health and the environment in mind. Passive House buildings result in ultra-low energy outputs for heating and cooling while at the same time increasing comfort, affordability and acoustic separation from the street and your neighbour.

Passive House is Comfortable

With unprecedented thermal balance and thicker insulation incorporated into the Mass Timber panels, your home is uniformly warm, every day, 365 days a year, regardless of the outside temperature.

Passive House is Healthy

A heat recovery ventilation system ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean air all year round. The fresh air is delivered silently and without drafting to every occupied space. Materials used in the building itself are selected to ensure a holistic and comfortable home for you and your family.

Passive House is Quiet

With the extra thick insulation providing an acoustic separation between the units as well as the exterior walls, triple-pane glass and careful sealing, a Passive House is a quiet and peaceful place to call home.

Passive House is Affordable

Combined with Mass Timber, Corvette Landing will be up to 90% cheaper to run than a traditional apartment block because the need for complex and expensive technology or controls is greatly reduced. Quality construction and careful design leads to lower maintenance fees and energy bills for every resident.

Passive House is Future Proofed

Corvette Landing will be resilient in the face of changes to the climate and energy prices, thereby providing a long-term assurance of affordability. This is what truly sustainable buildings look like. Welcome to Corvette Landing.