Unlike light timber framing (traditional 2×4’s and 2×6’s), Mass Timber (also known as Cross Laminate Timber or CLT, Glue-laminated timber (glulam) and Nail laminated timber (NLT)) is a sustainable method of building. From the Olympic Oval to single family residences, Mass Timber is the future of building technology in B.C. This building methodology is being utilized throughout Europe and the world already.


Mass Timber is Future Proof
Mass Timber buildings endure and are sustainable well beyond their conventionally  constructed (including concrete) buildings. When building with the future in mind, everything from the materials used to the orientation of the building itself is calculated to add to the longevity and affordability of the project. Combined with Passive House certification, Corvette Landing will provide peace of mind from commodity fluctuations. Consider your residence Future Proof!


Mass Timber is Quiet   

Our digitally assisted pre-fabricated CLT Panels are designed with advanced insulation systems that not only keep the interior temperature steady, they also block sound from both your neighbours and the outside. From the triple-pane windows to the Passive House certified insulation, your residence will be a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mass Timber is Fire Resistant
While it may seem counter-intuitive, Mass Timber will actually char on the outside when exposed to fire. This char forms an insulating layer from further damage. During testing of cross-laminated timber (CLT), a wall panel was subjected to temperatures exceeding 950℃ and it lasted for over 3 hours. That is significantly longer than the 2 hours required by current building codes. The fire tests confirmed that mass timber structures exceed the fire resistance requirements in the current building codes.


Mass Timber is Strong

Mass timber panels offer the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight. Mass timber buildings weigh less than ½  what an equivalent concrete building weighs. This high strength-to-weight ratio enables mass timber to meet or exceed seismic testing.


Mass Timber is Sustainable
Studies have shown that building with wood produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than building with any other material. Carbon is sequestered, time to build is lowered and waste is reduced by up to 90%. Combined with Passive House design technology, Corvette Landing will be the carbon equivalent of permanently removing 855 cars from the road and will exceed Esquimalt’s long-term environmental goals for multifamily buildings.


Mass Timber is Cost-Efficient
Mass Timber buildings are roughly 25% faster to construct than concrete buildings and require 90% less construction traffic. Since Mass Timber panels are prefabricated and then assembled on site, buildings made from Mass Timber have much shorter construction timelines which lowers overall construction costs.


Corvette Landing will be the tallest condominium tower in B.C utilizing this revolutionary building technology and we expect the building to be completed within a few months after the concrete parkade is poured.

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